Revitalising Finland

By bringing together key representatives of the state, cities, business sector and research and development organisations, the Northern Growth Zone network brings new business, jobs and vitality in Finland.

The excellent location of the zone, a functional infrastructure and versatile expertise create a unique platform for the development of innovations such as digital service concepts. The area is an attractive operating environment for businesses and an excellent investment option for international investors.

The Northern Growth Zone is an agile development platform for the internationalisation of Finland and for experimenting and commercialising new digital solutions.

Envisaging smarter flows

Most of Finnish export, import and passenger traffic and the only internationally significant TEN-T core network corridor in Finland pass through the Northern Growth Zone.

The biggest harbours in Finland, Helsinki-Vantaa airport, freight transport border crossings and several Finnish top universities and businesses are located in the area. From the point of view of foreign trade, logistics and international investments, the zone is an important enabler of growth.



  • internationally central location
  • strong expertise in logistics and infrastructure
  • top businesses and research