The strategy published by the Prime Minister’s Office outlines the focus areas of Finland’s strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Finland’s goal is to improve the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region. Competence and cross-border innovation activities play a key role in these efforts.

The Northern Growth Zone is essential to Finland’s foreign trade, logistics and international investments – the zone accounts for more than 60% of Finland’s exports in euros.

An essential area of business and innovation activities that is highlighted in the report is the Northern Growth Zone as a development zone that promotes growth.

The areas that are the most important and provide the most additional value to Finland in the innovation cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region are the promotion of the internationalisation and export of small and medium-sized enterprises and the promotion and integration of digital technology as part of services and industry.

Finland benefits from the Baltic Sea Region being a functional, global and networked cooperation area where the interaction of cities and regions plays a key role.

Strengthening the cooperation networks also means strengthening the attractiveness of Finland for investments, companies and skilled workers.

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